Mixing technology

Prema-Service tank mixers are efficient, economical and made to last.

Our tank mixers range from:

  • side-entry agitators, to
  • static, in-line mixers and
  • extraction columns.

Choosing the correct mixer specifications is crucial for achieving the client’s mixer requirements. For each storagetank and medium, the client’s mixing requirements need to be specified. After determining the mixing requirements, we apply the Prema-Service Powercalculation to calculate the power and dimension requirements.

Prema-Service mixers comply with all the latest Atex rules.

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Mix technology

Efficient, economical and made to last Perma-Service tank mixers.


Installation & commisioning

For the installation, commissioning, service and maintenance activities we work closely together with our partner Technische Dienst Europoort B.V.

​TDE is an authorized service centre for Prema-Service GmbH tank mixers in The Netherlands.

To learn more about TDE, visit their website: www.td-europoort.nl

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