Pipe joints

Complete couplings

Flexmaster joints are available in both standard and selfrestrained styles. The self-restrained style has a stainless steel gripping ring inside each gasket. This feature allows the joint to maintain a firm grip on the pipe or tube, preventing movement along the pipe or tube.

The bulged, straight-through Flexmaster joints accommodate angular misalignment up to ±4º per end. Tees, elbows, and crosses accommodate angular misalignment up to ±2o
per end. See pages 10 thru 17 for the angular misalignment allowed on each specific part. Flexmaster joints are designed for up to 300 psi (2.07 MPa) service, depending on application and size.

Spare parts

Flexmaster couplings are made up of serveral components. The seal rings may require replacement after several years, and are therefore a stock item in most cases.

The clamp-rings, the seal retainers and the pipe tube are also available as spare parts.


Flexmaster joints are used in many applications. Some examples include:

  • Connecting pipes from pumps to hydraulic fluid reservoirs.
  • Joining water lines on large diesel engines.
  • Connecting water and oil lines on a compressor system.

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