Vokes product range

Vokes filters

Liquid filters

Vokes liquid filters are categorized in Simplex, duplex and Coalescing filters.

The liquid filter products from Vokes include:

  • Liquid oil coalescers to provide a self-contained purification system.
  • Simplex and Duplex top servicing filters for high flow lubricating oil systems.
  • Drop-sump filters for low-flow lubricating systems, and low-pressure hydraulic systems.

Oil Mist Eliminators

Vokes Oil Mist Eleminators are either fan assisted or naturally vented.

Naturally vented OME’s are suitable for retrofit applications where fan assistance is already provided, or when the machine can be operated with positive back pressure.

Fan assisted OME”s compensate for differential pressure across the oil mist eliminator cartridge and can create a small depression within the machine if required.

Fan assisted units are typically utilized for gas turbine lubricating systems and diesel engine crankcase breather applications.

Insulating Fluid Treatement

Vokes offers a high efficiency, low maintenance and comprehensive solution for treating insulating fluids.

Reduce water contamination and easily dissolve gasses with the Vokes Stream Line series.

De-ascid your insulating oil with Vokes fluid treatment modules to keep up your electrical equipment. With the Vokes De-ascid module it is possible to regenerate your insulating oil, eliminating the need to discard acidic older oil.

Original Vokes Spares

Original Vokes microfine and microfelt filter cartridges are designed for the ultra-fine filtration of hydraulic, lubrication and light fuel oils, along with other fluids including hydraulic oils and glycol.

Original spares ensure the correct operation of your Vokes installation with excellent cartridge integrity and filtration performance.


Protect critical equipment

Thanks to Vokes technology, which is designed to protect critical equipment such as; fuel pumps, fuel injection systems, diesel engines, gearboxes, steam/gas turbines, compressors, transformers and electrical switchgear, can all have their working lifespan substantially extended.

Vokes is quality assessed to ISO9001 covering all aspects of design manufacture and quality control.


Vokes portfolio

  • Liquid filters
    • Simplex filters
    • Duplex filters
    • Coalescer filters
      • Liquid oil coalescers
      • Fuel coalescers
  • Oil Mist Eliminators
    • Fan Assisted Oil Mist Eliminators
    • Naturally Vented Oil Mist Eliminators
  • Insulating Fluid treatment
    • De-Ascid modules
    • Stream-Line C Range
  • Vokes spares and accessories
    • Vokes Microfine Cartridges
    • Vokes Microfelt Cartridges

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