Stationary flare systems

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Stationary flares

Standard flare

Flare systems with standard flare heads type RE are used when either no smoke-free combustion is required or the gas to be combusted is burned without smoke emission.

High-temperature-resistant steels, flame stabilizers and a special windshield ensure a stable flame over the entire operating range of the flare system and a long, maintenance-free service life. The special design of the flame stabilisers ensure good gas-to-air mixing and low speeds at the location of the pilot burners, ensuring safe ignition; even a purely electrical ignition via ignition rods is possible. A built-in, maintenance-free (possibly multi-stage) seal reduces the consumption of purge gas.

Smokeless flares

PREMA-SERVICE steam-assisted flares are used when heavy gases are to be burned without smoke and medium- or high-pressure steam is available. Various types of flare tips with steam injection into the flame inside and outside are available and are calculated for the respective application. Our special design offers low steam consumption, low thermal radiation, low noise and a long service life.

Low heating values

Gases with low heat values are mainly found on steel plants. For these gases, PREMA-SERVICE offers RE-N type flare tips that allow safe combustion without additional supporting gas. Due to the special construction, a purely electric ignition is possible, so no pilot burners are required. PREMA-SERVICE flare tips for low heating values ‚Äčare characterized by a wide operating range, a high flame stability, reliable ignition, low noise and a very long service life.

Ground flares

For applications where the use of a elevated flare is not possible, smoke-free combustion with a high burnout or a non-visible flame is required, PREMA-SERVICE offers ground flare systems.

In these systems, a multi-stage burner is completely enclosed by a thermal and sound-insulated combustion chamber. This solution offers many advantages:

  • Clean, smoke-free combustion without steam or additional air
  • No thermal radiation outside the system
  • Low noise emission
  • No visible emissions
  • Large turn-down range
  • Critical components are easily accessible


PREMA-SERVICE pilot burners are available for all gas mixtures and can be equipped for electric ignition, flame front ignition or both types of ignition.

  • Flame front ignition
  • Electrical ignition

Monitoring & control

The flames of the pilot burners can be monitored with thermocouples, ionisation or both methods. In addition, the new, patented CRD technology (closed radiation detection) provides a further robust method for reliably monitoring the pilot flame.

The PREMA-SERVICE specialists design, build and implement all types of controls, with conventional technology or as PLC systems with bus interface to your DCS.

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