Mobile flare systems

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Mobile flares

Mobile container flare

Performance: Up to 1,200 Nm³/hApplication: Degasification of smaller petrol and oil tanks or pipelines

Advantages: Low space requirement, installation also possible with narrow access routes

Mobile standard flare

Application: Degasification of petrol and crude oil tanks or pipelines, downtimes.

Example of use: Downtime of a vapour recovery unit, mobile flare with 3 fans as a replacement. An unrestricted loading operation of tank wagons, tank trucks or tankers is possible.

Performance: available in various sizes up to 7,500 Nm³/h.

Mobile emergency flare

Performance: up to 30,000 Nm³/hApplication: Replacement of stationary flares, e.g. during an overhaul/revision, so that no downtime is necessary.

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