Plenty strainers

Plenty strainers

Tanker strainers

The Tanker range of basket filters and strainers are for use where flow can be interrupted to allow removal of element for cleaning. They have a very low profile and are well suited to situations where there is limited space to install filters.

Tanker filters are of simple and robust cast iron construction with in line connections and are designed to be used on liquids.

Simplex Filter T-Type

The Simplex T Type extends the range of S type filters to higher pressures, suitable for both liquid and gas applications and available with bolted or quick release type covers.

Simplex S Type Basket Strainer

A general purpose cast single basket filter, suitable for use on liquid and gas, fitted with a quick-release cover for ease of maintenance. Used where the flow can be isolated so the basket can be removed for cleaning.

Small Duplex Basket Strainer

A range of small Duplex strainers for use in pipelines operating continuously where a single (Simplex) filter can not be used as the flow would have to be interrupted to clean the element.

The Large D Type Duplex offers continuous filtration during the cleaning process, for duties with large flow capacities.

Large Duplex Basket Strainers

The Large D Type Duplex offers continuous filtration during the cleaning process, for duties with large flow capacities.

Seaguard strainers

The Seaguard range is a specially designed range of lightweight compact seawater strainers and tanker fuel handling strainers for the shipbuilding industry.

Plenty product range

Plenty filters

As agent in The Netherlands for the Plenty brand products from Celeros Flow Technology, we can provide you with all products from the Dollinger portfolio. The products range from strainers, separators, cartridge filters, gas filters, and activated carbon filters, to hi-flow filters, and original Plenty spares & accessories.

Plenty strainers

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Automatic filters & strainers


Cartridge filters

Gas filters

Activated carbon filters

Hi-Flow filters

Plenty Hi-Flow Filters are custom designed for low pressure loss and high velocity applications.

Plenty Spares & Accessories


Extend operational life

  • Extend the lifetime of your operational systems
  • Avoid costly downtime occurrences
  • Improve return on investment
  • The greater power efficiency levels offered by our solutions can markedly reduce day-to-day running costs and raise customers’ environmental credentials


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