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Pipeline repair products


Plidco is the leading manufacturer and supplier of pipeline repair products for the quick and durable repair of leaking or damaged pipelines.


As an agent for Plidco in The Netherlands, we can supply their full range of products to end-users in our territory. The Plidco portfolio includes repair and maintenance products, connectors, hot tapping and line plugging technology.


Plidco – Working together to make hazardous piping safer


For a complete overview of the Plidco products range, visit their product page by clicking on the “more info” button.


Repair & Maintenance products:

  • Clamp + Rings
  • Clamp + Sleeve
  • Custom fittings
  • Flange + Repair ring
  • Smith + Clamp
  • Weld + Cap



  • Flange + Coupling
  • Power + Grip
  • Riser weld + Ends
  • Weld + Ends


Hot Tapping & Line Plugging products:

  • Hot Tapping + Saddle
  • Tap + Enclosure
  • Shear + Plug


For more information or an inquiry for a direct quote, you can send an email to mail@oranjeberg.nl or call us at +31 (0) 181 25 10 35.