Flare systems & burners - Oranjeberg
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Flare systems & burners


For more than 40 years, PREMA-SERVICE specialists have been developing and building flare systems and industrial burners for oil production, refineries, the chemical industry, steelworks and power generation worldwide. All the Prema-Service products are designed to be as safe, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly as possible:


  • for clean combustion
  • for safe, problem-free operation with permanent availability
  • for a long, low-maintenance service life
  • to minimise smoke, heat radiation and noise


All the Prema-Service systems are designed according to API and DIN/ISO or ASME standards.

SERVICE is a priority at PREMA-SERVICE: they specialize in the re-design, overhauling, repair or replacement of flare parts and burners, also from third-party products.


Prema-Service offers:

  • Stationary flare systems
  • Mobile flare systems
  • Industrial burners
  • Service and spare parts


For more information or an inquiry for a direct quote, you can send an email to mail@oranjeberg.nl or call us at +31 (0) 181 25 10 35.