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Dollinger fluid & air management

SPX Flow Dollinger offers leading filtration solutions including air intake filters, air/gas/liquid filters, demisters, and filtration skids.

Oranjeberg B.V. is an official agent for the Dollinger brand products from SPX Flow in The Netherlands.



Air intake filters

Contaminants at the intake of compressors, blowers and turbines dramatically affect the cost of supplying compressed air. Inefficient intake filtration permits contaminants to corrode, erode and foul internals. Dollinger air intake filters will deliver optimum performance, energy savings and protection to gain long component service life.

Air Gas and Liquid Pipeline

High-performance Dollinger in-line filtration products are designed to selectively target and remove unwanted contaminants like dirt, rust, pipe scale, oil and water from compressed air, gas or process liquids.

Dollinger Elements

Selecting the right filter type and media depends on specific operating conditions. Dollinger therefore offers a wide range of filter media components including: natural and synthetic materials, such as polyester, glass fiber (woven or needle-felted), PTFE, cotton and stainless steel.

Oil Exhaust filters

Dollinger oil exhaust filters are designed to recover fugitive oil mist emissions to lower operating costs, promote good health and improve safety. These highly efficient, dynamically engineered oil mist eliminator systems capture oil mist emissions from the lubricant reservoirs of high speed rotating equipment.


For more information or an inquiry for a direct quote, you can send an email to or call us at +31 (0) 181 25 10 35.